Coaching for Teaching & Leadership

Have some new ideas but struggling to implement them or figure out how to introduce them to your team in a receivable way? 1:1 coaching gives you the attention you need, the tools you want, and a framework that will take your practice to the next level. You’ll have the opportunity to rough and tumble play with your practice within a supportive framework that will invite you to align with your values.

Praise for Engage Coaching:

“Lauren’s work as a pedagogical coach is pretty magical. She has a way of listening and supporting teachers to see how they are living their values. She is encouraging and present with her clients and in our work together she shed light on some underlying questions that were not initially surfaced. She is an excellent facilitator and supported our teachers in creating engaging presentations that fostered adult’s learning in our community.”
-Ivonne Ortega ECE Administrator, PTCC

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