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Lauren Stauble M.S, author-researcher, consultant & partner
Lauren taught and cared for children ages birth-eight years in centers as well as in her home-based program 16 years, before moving into program administration and higher education. Lauren’s work evolves daily and is result of 20 years of practice which includes emergent curriculum, anti-bias education, community activism, in-depth study and personal practice of yoga/meditation, psychology coursework, mindfulness-based therapy, healing centered education pedagogy, and being raised by a mother with a healthy sense of agency. She’s interested in deepening her understanding and expertise of collaboration as an essential tool for early childhood education and how the presence of emotional intelligence in the group enhances the process. Lauren takes every opportunity to explore the applications of behavioral science, neuropsychology research, and mindfulness within the contexts of emotions and implicit bias, using this information to reimagine systems that are equitable, relationships-based and sustainable. In between she enjoys spending time with dear ones in the mountains, in the tropics, around the fire and in our kitchens.

Angela Carolina Garcia M.A, researcher, consultant & partner
I’m a dedicated professional with over 10 years of experience in program development and workforce solutions for the early childhood education (ECE) sector. I have robust programmatic skills and research experience, as indicated by successful scaled solutions and partnerships at the state and local level. I have a record of leadership in evidence-based training and curriculum development. I am a passionate advocate for creating impactful change in the early childhood sector and upending exploitative systems that affect children and those who care for them. In addition to this work, I support youth experiencing adverse life circumstances by teaching Child Growth and Development courses as an adjunct professor. I pull from my bilingual/bicultural experiences and my healing centered education work to guide my self-reflective practice. My own professional development is the strong thread that is woven through the entirety of my personal and professional self, and a testament to my own lifelong learning.