Yoga Classes

Restorative Yoga

Photo by Mike Labrum on Unsplash

One of my favorite forms of proactive self care! When we slow the body the landscape of the mind gets clearer and there is more space for the heart’s intention. In this class we’ll start with a calming breath experience and gentle movements. You’ll be guided into a series of supported postures with a plentiful amount of time to arrive fully and settle into each one. An invitation to be present in stillness, restorative yoga is a real treat for the nervous system. Contact to schedule a group or individual session.

Embody-Ashaya Flow

Sugarloaf Mountain

Move with intention using breath and awareness. In this active, multi-level class you’ll be offered choices in each posture to challenge and/or nurture yourself according to your desire and experience. Strengthen your body and enliven your spirit with attention to safety. Embodyoga principles with a touch of Ashaya theming and a blend of sequencing. Contact to schedule a group or individual session.

Guided Meditation

Experience a guided exploration of consciousness through physical body awareness, mindfulness in thinking processes, and attention to the breath. A period of uninterrupted silence will be incorporated into each session. Contact to schedule a group or individual session.

Lauren Stauble’s Approach to Teaching:

I believe in the power of yoga to transform our lives and communities. When I teach I make an effort to learn each student’s practice in order to support individual exploration of physical postures in a way that simultaneously nurtures and challenges. During class you will be invited to experience the breath and to notice how consciousness in our bodies and consciousness in our minds affect one another. RYT 200: Ashaya, 2015, YTT 300: Embodyoga 2020, Yoga for All certified 2020.

Contact to register or schedule a session.