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21-Day Motivation Renewal Learning Community

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Hey, socially motivated people! Are you finding it hard to stay motivated from home? Have you fallen into unhealthy or inconsistent patterns of eating, exercise, and self-care? Are you getting down on yourself about feeling out of control? Join me for the premiere 21-Day Motivation Renewal! Mindfulness practices, healthy eating, exercise, and self-compassion are associated with feeling good in the mind and body and what better way to make a change than in good company and with personal attention from an enthusiastic facilitator?! Whether you are getting back on track, just starting out, or somewhere in between you’ll be challenged to move, eat, reflect, and connect in this compassionate, small group, community setting. Includes:

  • Daily: live guided meditation
  • Weekly: live Restorative and Embody-Ashaya Yoga classes
  • Weekly: recorded healthy cooking class and live mindful meal
  • 4 days/week: Cardio in Community (option to sign on live)
  • Access to recordings of live sessions
  • *Free wellness consultation for anyone who registers on or before Dec. 27*

21-Days: Starts with Day 1 Kick-off January 3, 7-8:30pm EST (Contact for detailed schedule and other questions.)

Pay from the heart: $99/129/149 or contact for personalized rate. Gift Certificate option. Register below!

*This learning community curriculum is inspired by the recommendations for reclaiming joy and heart health in an article written by Sharon R. Boone titled, Matters of the Heart, and concepts from an article by Magnus, Kowalski, & McHugh titled, The Role of Self-compassion in Women’s Self-determined Motives to Exercise and Exercise-related Outcomes.

21-Day Motivation Renewal

January 3-23 Pay from the heart:


21-Day Motivation Renewal

January 3-23 Pay from the heart:


21-Day Motivation Renewal

January 3-23 Pay from the heart:


Ongoing: Monthly WaW Meet Up

2nd Monday of each month

White as Water: Part One participants are invited to stay connected through a monthly gathering which includes shared reading, dilemma protocols, and skills practice. Drop-in style. Please RSVP by noon that day to for the zoom link.

Previous Events and Learning Communities:

Self-Care in a Reggio-Inspired Setting

Hosted by the Boston Area Reggio-Inspired Network

With a strong image of the child we assume our students’ thoughts and feelings are important, we coach them to self-advocate, and we listen for their unique needs. How can we do this authentically if we forget to offer ourselves the same respect? With a strong image of the teacher we’ll use research and reflection to investigate self-care as a sustaining practice. Participants will leave the session with realistic, individualized strategies.

Curious about race and/or racial justice? Wondering about your role, as a white person, in making change? Join us for White As Water: A Learning community for white people, an educational experience to explore origins of racial injustice in our society today. This group is ideal for people who are just starting out on their journey toward self awareness, like a fish noticing the water in which it is swimming.

Session topics will be guided by episodes of the podcast Seeing White from Scene on Radio, and will include a blend of large and small group dialogue, personal reflection exercises, and equity-based protocols for group learning. 

  • Mondays July 6-Aug 10, 7-8:30pm EST
  • Platform: Zoom
  • Pay from the Heart: $149/$89/$49, 30% to be donated to The Movement for Black Lives.
  • Includes: optional coaching sessions, additional resources for self-study, optional ongoing community of practice

Our approach to facilitated group learning is responsive, interactive, and relationships-based. For this reason we will maintain a group size of no more than 20 participants. We understand this work to be an ongoing process so we’ll be sure to build in resources along the way to support continuation and opportunities to go deeper.

Key concepts that we will cover include:

  • The history and construction of race
  • The legacy of slavery in our country today
  • Social identity development and white privilege
  • Distinguishing between individual and systemic racism 
  • Making personal and social change