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Curious about race and/or racial justice? Wondering about your role, as a white person, in making change? Join us for White As Water: A Learning community for white people, an educational experience to explore origins of racial injustice in our society today. This group is ideal for people who are just starting out on their journey toward self awareness, like a fish noticing the water in which it is swimming.

Session topics will be guided by episodes of the podcast Seeing White from Scene on Radio, and will include a blend of large and small group dialogue, personal reflection exercises, and equity-based protocols for group learning. 

  • Six week session: Tuesdays Sept 15 – Oct 20, 6:30-8:30pm EST
  • Platform: Zoom
  • Pay from the Heart: $149/$89/$49, 30% to be donated to The Movement for Black Lives.
  • Includes: optional coaching sessions, additional resources for self-study, optional ongoing community of practice

Our approach to facilitated group learning is responsive, interactive, and relationships-based. We understand this work to be an ongoing process so we’ll be sure to build in resources along the way to support continuation and opportunities to go deeper.

Key concepts that we will cover include:

  • The history and construction of race
  • The legacy of slavery in our country today
  • Social identity development and white privilege
  • Distinguishing between individual and systemic racism 
  • Making personal and social change
Freja Joslin, co-facilitator

I am a social justice educator and teacher leader with an M.A. in Secondary Education: Social Justice and 20 years of experience working to transform education for equity and justice. 

Inspired by critical pedagogy and Paulo Freire, I taught middle school Humanities for 12 years, as well as leading workshops for teachers locally and nationally on issues of race, gender, and inclusion in the classroom.

Two years ago (2018), along with my husband and 7-year old son, I moved to Guadalajara, Mexico to explore the culture, learn Spanish, and take a break from the classroom. I have also been working as a volunteer at a migrant and refugee shelter, a coordinator of a bilingual conversation club and as a freelance curriculum writer.

I am interested in bringing my work as an educator and coach to individuals and groups looking to examine issues of white privilege and racial injustice during these times of great struggle and change.

Lauren Stauble, co-facilitator

I’m interested in deepening my understanding and expertise of collaboration as an essential tool and how the presence of emotional intelligence in the group enhances the process. I take every opportunity to explore the applications of behavioral science and neuropsychology research within the contexts of emotions and implicit bias, using this information to reimagine systems that are equitable, relationships-based and sustainable.

My work evolves daily and is result of 16 years practicing emergent curriculum, anti-bias education and community activism, cultivating inclusive classrooms, in-depth study and personal practice of yoga/meditation, psychology coursework, participating in mindfulness-based therapy, and being raised by a mother with a healthy sense of agency.

My consulting and teaching style is rooted in engaged pedagogy (as described by bell hooks), which leads to transformation of our relationship experiences and is one of the most beautiful and challenging opportunities as a human!

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White As Water: Learning Community

Six week session: Tuesdays Sept 15 - Oct 20, 6:30-8:30pm EST, Pay from the Heart


White As Water: Learning Community

Six week session: Tuesdays Sept 15 - Oct 20, 6:30-8:30pm EST, Pay from the Heart


White As Water: Learning Community

Six week session: Tuesdays Sept 15 - Oct 20, 6:30-8:30pm EST, Pay from the Heart


Ongoing: Monthly WaW Meet Up

2nd Monday of the month starting Monday, September 14.

White as Water: Part One participants are invited to stay connected through a monthly gathering. Drop-in style. Please RSVP by noon that day to feel.think.connect@gmail.com for the zoom link.

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