The interactions within a social group are unique to the emotional landscapes and behavioral patterns of the members of that group. This concept is at the core of education, professional development, or coaching with Engage.

Brain science also supports and guides solutions. You can expect information about how the brain works to be incorporated into any Engage design because it helps us to accommodate new strategies for understanding ourselves and others.

Engage consultation, classes, workshops, and retreats are geared towards your specific context with an emphasis on what it means to be an emotional being in your personal or professional community.

Meet consultant, Lauren Stauble, M.S. Curriculum and Instruction, RYT 500 & Yoga for All

I’m interested in deepening my understanding and expertise of collaboration as an essential tool and how the presence of emotional intelligence in the group enhances the process. I take every opportunity to explore the applications of behavioral science and neuropsychology research within the contexts of emotions and implicit bias, using this information to reimagine systems that are equitable, relationships-based and sustainable.

My work evolves daily and is result of 16 years practicing emergent curriculum, anti-bias education and community activism, cultivating inclusive classrooms, in-depth study and personal practice of yoga/meditation, psychology coursework, participating in mindfulness-based therapy, and being raised by a mother with a healthy sense of agency.

My consulting and teaching style is rooted in engaged pedagogy (as described by bell hooks), which leads to transformation of our relationship experiences and is one of the most beautiful and challenging opportunities as a human!

Publication: Lantz-Helm, L., & Parnell, W. (2010). Learning in a Reggio-Inspired Reuse Center. Networks: An Online Journal For Teacher Research, 12(2), 1-15

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