• Wellness: mindfulness, yoga, and self care
  • Empathy Development
  • Child Development: teaching and learning
  • Implicit Bias Work

Engage consultation, classes, workshops, and retreats are designed for your specific context with an emphasis on what it means to be an emotional being in a personal or professional community. Read on for details…

Menu of Offerings:


Personal wellness is key for engaging fully at work and in our relationships. Mindfulness is associated with reducing stress, longevity, and job satisfaction. Yoga is associated with physical health and emotional well-being. Both of these are examples of self care. We perform best in relationships at work and at home when we have a reliable self care routine. Provide mindfulness, yoga, and/or self care opportunities to your employees or community members through Engage. If personal wellness is your concern then 1:1 mindfulness sessions, yoga sessions or self care consultation will meet your needs. See the list below for specific offerings.

  • Collaborative Emotion Processing (CEP): educators or parents
  • Mindful Movement: preventing workplace injuries
  • The Mindful Educator
  • Mindful Supervision
  • Sustaining Self-Care Practices
  • The Mindful Supervisor
  • Healthy Boundaries at Work
  • Yoga Sessions: group or private
  • Yoga Retreats: professional or personal groups
  • Meditation Sessions: group or private

Empathy Development

Can you envision communities where people embrace dialogue and diversity because they are comfortable with their emotions and those of others? Let’s raise compassionate, confident, loving children that mature into adults who can count on one another to lead and to follow intelligently, respect personal boundaries and simultaneously reach out to those who are isolated, acknowledge their mistakes and celebrate their strengths. This vision starts with the healthy development of empathy.

  • Collaborative Emotion Processing (CEP)
  • Addressing Challenging Behaviors
  • Mindful Practitioner
  • Mindful Supervision
  • Reggio-Inspired Practice: Listening as an Act of Peace
The CEP Deck, designed by Lauren Stauble & Alyssa Blask Campbell, available for purchase at the Seed & Sew Online Shop

Child Development

Do you find yourself frustrated, confused, or saddened by unexpected behavior? Questioning whether your expectations for your child or students is too high or too low? Are you hoping to find the expectations sweet spot where children are challenged to grow at a reasonable pace? We’ll use child development, teaching and learning research and theory to identify achievable goals for your family or classroom. Choose from an offering of teaching strategies to match your personalities and individual approaches to teaching and learning.

  • Challenging behavior
  • Social skills
  • Moving on from diapers, pacifiers, stuffy/lovey
  • Transitions (new school or care provider, new home, new sibling)
  • Small steps to reach big goals
  • Remote Schooling and focus

Implicit Bias Work

Not sure where to begin with reducing the impact of implicit bias in the workplace or education setting? Together, we’ll identify realistic, context-based goals. Next we’ll map out the process of evaluation, reflection, and redesign of your systems for equity and accountability.

  • Anti-Bias Education
  • Interpreting and Addressing Challenging Behaviors
  • Educational/Organizational Systems for Implicit Bias Accountability

Praise for Engage:

“Participants were extremely happy…the most often comment was that it was information that was usable instantly in their work. Also, that it addressed what they needed as the ‘bad behavior’ is a way to say ‘I need help’ and not just bad behavior.”

– Nora, ECE Leadership

Lauren’s work as a pedagogical coach is pretty magical. She has a way of listening and supporting teachers to see how they are living their values. She is encouraging and present with her clients and in our work together she shed light on some underlying questions that were not initially surfaced. She is an excellent facilitator and supported our teachers in creating engaging presentations that fostered adult’s learning in our community.

-Ivonne Ortega ECE Administrator, PTCC 

“Teachers were given opportunities to reflect on their own emotions and understand more deeply how these feelings generate. The break out groups reported to be really engaging, and the balance of self reflection, connection and instruction was spot on.”

– Hilary Odoy, BARIN

“Our parents just LOVED the presentation. Your workshop was mentioned at the Board Meeting the following week. It was a real hit and I know our families would welcome the “next step” or a follow up with you.”

– ECE Leadership

“Overall, the pain has decreased with my plantar fasciitis which had allowed me to return to stand at work (alternating with sitting) before working remotely. My lower back also feels less stressed. Additionally, my stretching technique improved during my cardio hip-hip class based on my new understanding of proper mechanics.”

– Meg Smith, yoga student